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About Us

Freely is a cannabinoid-centric brand of adaptive CBD products that is all about wellness and feeling good.

We address discomfort, restlessness, overactive mind, lack of energy and other active lifestyle issues that can get in the way so you can live freely.
We provide the means for you to operate at peak performance. It’s our mission to provide powerful products that give you lasting results quickly, no matter what the day brings your way.

So you can live Freely!

Feeling good shouldn’t have to mean spending big.
Our products are effective, using the highest quality ingredients, while still being friendly to your wallet.

Adaptive CBD Products
All of our products contain phytocannabinoids that include CBD and often other minor cannabinoids, vitamins and botanicals that work synergistically together for a more effective result. Our ingredient formulations are designed to adapt to the modality they target to make your body feel better and put your mind at ease,
so you can live Freely!
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