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We address sleepless nights, so you can live freely.

Goodnight Softgels 30ct
25mg CBD + 5mg CBN w/Magnolia Bark


COVID-AWAY™️ Extra Strength Tincture


Tincture with CBDA + CBGA + Vitamin D + Zinc

Support your body’s natural defense system.

Freely’s COVID-AWAY™ Extra Strength tincture combines the advantages of CBDA and CBGA (THC Free) cannabinoids with Vitamin D3 and Zinc.

Enjoy anywhere, anytime for your well-being.

750mg CBDA + 750mg CBGA + Vitamin D + Zinc


Research from Oregon State University

View Research from Oregon State University.


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CBD Products for a Balanced Life

Experience the power of all-natural pain relief with Freely CBD products. We incorporate the full spectrum of cannabinoids into our CBD gummies, creams, tinctures and capsules and CBN products to provide maximum health benefits and pain relief. Everything in our store is made from high-quality CBD that was sourced directly from the U.S. We test our products to ensure that they're safe, easy to digest and free of harmful chemicals and additives. Experience the power of pure CBD oil made with the full spectrum of cannabinoids. 

If you're experiencing pain in a localized area, we recommend our CBD creams. You can apply the cream directly to the injury site to heal cuts, scrapes and burns; relieve inflammation; and soothe aching joints. For fast-acting pain relief, our CBD tinctures can be placed directly under the tongue for quick absorption. We also sell CBD gummies and soft gels for people looking to relax and unwind from the stress of the day. You'll have to wait for them to digest, but once they kick in, you'll experience relief from pain, anxiety, depression and sleeplessness. Enjoy a free sample of CBD gummies with your purchase of $35 or more!

Ordering from Freely is as simple as placing items in your cart, going to the checkout page and filling out your personal information. We'll have your order shipped out within a few days. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We're happy to answer your questions about CBD and help you choose the right products for your situation.

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